7 Days to Die out on PS4 & Xbox One

7 days to die burning zombies

The Fun Pimps (yes, that is what the developers named their company) have released their zombie survival game today both digitally and physically for North America while European versions will be released on the 1st of July.  The newly added features not found in the PC version are split-screen coop as well as a skin pack themed after the characters in the hit show/comic The Walking Dead.

7 Days to Die Walking Dead

7 Days to Die was originally released on Steam Early Access on December 2013 and is in EA to this day. While that may put some people off, the thing is that after so much time working on the same game it has received ton of content from randomly generated worlds, heat & cold system and vehicles to name a few.

Your main goal is to simply survive and build a hideout with whatever you can. Every 7 days a massive zombie horde will pass by the game world so being out in the open is a near certain death. Hiding inside and shutting the door tight will not guarantee your safety however, zombies will tear chunks out of your building in a attempt to breach inside. One of my favorite features of this title is that gravity does have a realistic effect while constructing your hideout. Not having put some thought into how you designed your building can cause the whole thing to come crashing down if a zombie breaks just the right spot that you neglected to add support beams or reinforce.

With their game now on the two big consoles The Fun Pimps decided to celebrate with this live action launch trailer:



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