90’s Inspired platformer Rad Rodgers to be released December 1st

Rad Rodgers

Interceptor Entertainment, the devs behind the 2013 remake of Rise of the Triad are bringing back past glories of the 90’s yet again in the form of 2D Action Platformer, Rad Rodgers: World One. We play as Rad Rogers, who after an intense gaming session has fallen asleep only to awaken to the sight of his old console now being sentient and named Dusty. Dusty is loud mouthed and fourth wall breaking as well as voiced by the legendary voice actor of Duke Nukem himself, Jon St. John.

Rad Rogers Dusty and Gun

Dusty’s attitude brings back memories of Conkers Bad Fur day as well as several other 90’s platformers they have taken inspiration from. The title is being guided by 3D Realms, formerly Apogee Software who were one of the kings of PC gaming in the 90’s with titles such as Duke Nukem, Bio Menace and Shadow Warrior. Music is being composed by Andrew Hulshult, who has long been remaking great tracks of classic games.

Rad Rodgers Platformer

With so much experienced, talented and passionate people on board, Rad Rodgers: World One has incredible potential. Here’s hoping it lives up to it. If you wish to try it yourself before it’s full release, it is currently available on Steam Early Access at 15% off of it’s $12 price.


Its launch trailer:



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