Greenlight’s newest child flinging game Dad Quest

Dad's Quest

Steam’s Greenlight service that offers developers a chance to get their title sold on the Steam Marketplace, it never fails to surprise with the weird stuff being submitted. This time on my latest adventure to find something worth covering I’ve come across Dad’s Quest which probably proclaims “A Child longs to soar through the sky with the grace of an eagle and the destructive power of a four foot nuke! Follow generations of “Dads” on a quest to the legendary Dad Island”. With such a bizarre way to try to sell me on the game, I just had to check it out and experience whatever in the world was going on in this picture.

Dad Quest bee attack

To better understand what you can expect if you vote for them in Greenlight, they do offer a demo in their website. So we boot up the game and we find ourselves outside of our house with a child in one arm and a look of utter indifference for what you plan to do to said child. Being the caring father that you are, you obviously want what’s best for your child. That being to share your hatred of nature and throw your son at bees, pigs, pigeons and whatever else dares to explode into a pile of money in a video game.

Dad Quest Pigs

Your son does not get harmed and seems just as indifferent to these events as his father. Seems the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. As your child defeats his enemies he grows stronger and smarter. Once said he has grown strong or smart enough you can throw your son through the Gym’s window or the School’s window respectively. The combat system is definitely an odd one since your child is your only form of attack. That means you only have one chance to make your “projectile” count while fighting. Luckily for unnamed dad, it seems he was also a Jedi and is able to float his son back to him boomerang style.

Dad Quest Pigeon

Hidden in treasure chests and given as rewards you can equip your son with up to four items that have varying effects. One may allow you to throw your son to pick up coins, another adds a bit more damage to your attack and a rather epic one gives you a random chance of setting enemies on fire. How does your son set someone on fire by crashing head first into them? Who knows, I’ve learned not to question this title’s weirdness long ago. There is a hubworld of sorts where your house, gym, school and stores are located. Stores sell items and skills for you to use but they don’t come cheap and you must defeat quite a few enemies to purchase stuff.

Dad Quest Items

From what I gathered of this demo it does not seem to a linear game but a Metroidvania styled one where you explore and retread old ground when you have found new abilities. The abilities shown in the demo are a slide move that is just a way to cross certain obstacles and the double jump which is very helpful in combat. When you start off the game  Overall I must say that Dad Quest does have potential to be a pretty fun title and not just another one trick pony, meme game.

Dad Quest Greenlight page



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