A Normal Lost Phone review

A Normal Lost Phone

A Normal Lost Phone is a very unique game that can only be classified as a Puzzle game in where you happen to find an unlocked cell phone. Like a totally normal person, we must go through all of his emails, messages and even try to discover his password for a dating site. As we read through the messages, we will start to uncover his life story piece by piece and man, does this guy have a lot of messages and emails since he never deletes a thing. What may appear like a bunch of irrelevant nonsense may actually help you advance through the game so paying attention to the mundane is a must.

A Normal Lost Phone Messages

Everything on the phone has a purpose from the Photos, Settings, Calendar and even the Weather App. At first, you may be wondering what you are even supposed to be doing, but after a while your inner deranged stalker comes out and you will effortlessly be going through all of his locked private stuff. The game flows very well, and luckily for us, the owner of the phone is simply terrible at choosing secure passwords. You will not be able to go through his contact lists and call people since his cell is out of minutes. It is rare when you can actually send something to someone, and even then, it is always optional stuff.

A Normal Lost Phone Mail

We play a more passive experience with the primary focus being in finding all his passwords to enter into his various account ranging from forum boards to the previously mentioned dating site. We are certainly not helping the guy by uncovering all of his secrets. I am purposely avoiding mentioning what the deal with the story is since it is meant to be a mystery but I will say it may be kind of controversial to some. Regardless, the entire game is so unique that you likely won’t be able to put it down even if you disagree with the subject matter. The act of uncovering the connections between certain things to allow you to advance is always satisfying and forces you to learn about the characters. For its reasonable price of 3 dollars, you really can’t go wrong if this premise appeals to you.




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