Accounting review

Accounting is a VR game in where you take up a job inside an abandoned looking building with two angry Brits as your bosses. You will never see them in person, only hear their voices through the phone and it is up to you whether you want to obey them or not. These two chatty fellas have quite a bit to say if you choose to goof around instead of doing what they ask which usually result in quite a few laughs at their anger. It is not all about annoying your bosses however, after a few tasks you will find a VR headset to put on and things really start to get weird.

Accounting VR Tree

You will find yourself transported into a forest with this angry creature mouthing you off at an insane rate. Most of the game will consist of hearing what people have to say and you can blaze through this title very quickly if you ignore all the chatter. Luckily, the game is hilarious with all the character being fun to listen to/annoy. It looks like a kid’s game but do not be fooled, it can be pretty dark and has a ton of swearing. The only form of gameplay are simple “puzzles” and messing around with physic based objects. Your hands are also two mouse cursors because reasons.

Accounting VR Knife

This title gives zero concerns about an actual narrative and will spend its time whisking you off to growingly absurd situations. I rarely had a clue what was going on though I somehow had a blast from start to finish. From going to court, stabbing a man and dancing to the sick beats occurring when you drop acid on skeletons it never loses your attention. It will use every inch of your play space so if you cheated a bit in setting up your Vive to reach the minimum amount of room; you may encounter some troubles. Accounting is an interesting title which closest genre to compare it to would be a Walking Sim, only here you mostly stand around wondering how they came up with this stuff and why you enjoy the madness. At the low price of free, if you own a Vive you should definitely try your hand at Accounting.






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