Audioshield review


Audioshield is a rhythm game that has you defend yourself from a barrage of colored projectiles created by your music. On your left hand, you have a red shield while on your left you’ll be wielding a blue one. The only way to destroy the incoming projectiles is to block them with their corresponding color before they zoom past you. You are not just judged by the amount that you manage to destroy but how hard you strike at them and how much you move around to create a flashier performance. That helps to motivate you to not just stand still though you can still do so if you are not shooting to get first place on the leaderboards.

Audioshield Gameplay

The idea is that you are supposed to block the projectiles but due to how it is designed it feels nearly like a boxing game as you frantically jab at them as if you were trying to audition to be a Dragon Ball Z character. Hitting a projectile feels pretty satisfying as it causes your Vive controller to vibrate and they explode into a ton of particles. Some of the oncoming blobs have trails that indicate that you should hold your shield there until the stream passes. Alongside the blue and red blobs, you will sometimes encounter a purple one that can only be reflected by mixing your shields together.

Audioshield Dance

There are multiple difficulty modes to play though regardless of which you choose you cannot lose. It is all about racking up points, your survival to the end of the song is always guaranteed. This makes it a great game to play whenever you just want a bit of fun. Playing on the higher difficulties really ramp up the amount of stuff thrown at you and will likely make you work up a sweat. Whichever difficulty you play on will result in a fair bit of exercise making this a pretty good tool to lose weight while having fun.

Audioshield Trump

All of the file types I have for music worked without issue and songs loaded up very quickly, helping you stay pumped. If you don’t have any songs on your PC, Audioshield has integrated Youtube support that allows you to dance to music videos or whatever other video you load up. They will load instantly if another player has played that video before but if it is the first time anyone has tried it, it will require some time to synchronize into the game.

Audioshield Youtube

While you have an infinite number of songs you can play, there are only three environments to choose from. It is the biggest flaw to this title and simply feels disappointing for the price the game goes for. Graphics are pretty basic with multiple graphic options to tweak around with and designed in a way as to not distract you from the incoming projectiles. Looking foolish while playing Audioshield is unavoidable but makes for a great party game. At the end of the day, its fun gameplay that breathes new life into your music makes this an easy game to pick up and a difficult one to put down.






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