Audiosurf 2 review

Audiosurf 2 is a lane based Rhythm game where the tracks are created by the music you are playing. If you have played the first you know exactly what to expect here as it is a very “more of the same” sequel. You still have Mono mode where the goal is to simply collect blocks and avoid the gray ones while you also have four characters that require you to match blocks up to their respective colors. You have two new modes introduced to this sequel, qne is called Wakeboarding, a mode very similar to Mono but you now have the option to jump which can be used to avoid certain blocks or to pull off tricks. The other is called AudioSprint which plays like a game from the Runner genre in which you try to dodge obstacles via sliding or jumping while being unable to lower your speed or stop. It is an interesting change of pace from the usual brick collecting and one that can be played with three other players via local multiplayer.


Soundcloud has been added and allows you to search up plenty of music even if you have none on your PC which is a great feature. One thing that has seen a very big improvement from the original Audiosurf is the track generation for the slower placed songs and genre which flow much better with the pace of the song. Leaderboards are back and unlike the original you no longer have to sign up for a separate account to compete as it uses your Steam profile instead which was one of the things that bugged me most about the original. What really adds a lot of value and longevity to Audiosurf 2 is the community itself. This is a very mod friendly title in where you can create your own modes and skins to make some really neat stuff such as a Sonic theme, fling a plane to collect more fuel and even a Shmup created by your music.

Audiosurf 2 shmup

The new modes, better graphics, Soundcloud and even the mods themselves don’t necessarily make this sequel a must have for those that already own the original. When it comes down to it, it is bigger, better and more content filled than it ever was before yet it’s still the same familiar gameplay. There is nothing wrong with that but it does make it a bit of a hard bargain to buy a new game to do essentially the same thing. In a rather rare move for a game on the PC there is a demo available to actually see for yourself if this game is worth your purchase beforehand which is rather awesome of them. For those new to the series this is definitely the one to get however, as this is without a doubt the superior title and a must have for those seeking a fun, competitive rhythm game.



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