Become a corrupt cop in This is the Police

This is the Police

This is the Police is a strategy adventure game where you play as the Jack Boyd,  head of the police department, that after decades of service has received a letter stating that he will be let go after 180 days. Understandably upset he makes it is goal to get $500,000 before his time as chief of the police is up and how far you are willing to sell out your city and people is up to you.

This is the Police choice

It is obviously not the cheeriest of games as you strive to become worse than the people you’ve been fighting against for most of your life. In a rather neat twist our character Jack Boyd is voiced Jon St. John, the voice of Duke Nukem himself. It is stated that This is the Police offers hundreds of choices as well as a 25 hour long story driven campaign.


It’s release date is scheduled to be in a few weeks, July 28th for an exact date. It is releasing on Steam and GOG for the PC, Mac and Linux platforms for $15. Console versions are reportedly set to release soon after.



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