Berserk game officially coming to the West


Berserk (game title still being decided upon) will follow the manga’s narrative across iconic arcs  and focusing on the dreadful & bleak journey of Guts. It will feature the “Warriors” series of well known gameplay of 1 man vs hundreds of foes to slash through. For the first time in this sub -genre of Hack and Slash it now features gore and buckets of blood to suit Berserk’s violent theme.

Berserk blood

Other than Guts you can also play as Griffith, leader of a band of mercenaries who focuses more on agility than the brute strength of Guts. The game will also feature both magic and transformations to spice up the gameplay. With just how insanely dark and twisted the Berserk universe is, it will be interesting to see just how close to the manga Koei Tecmo will stick to it.

Berserk Griffith & Guts

Berserk (working title) is currently planned to be released sometime during Fall of this year. It will be released both physically and digitally for the Playstation 4 while the Vita and PC versions will only be available for purchase digitally.



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