Deadly Premonition board game now funded

Deadly Premonition Board Game

With 28 days left to go, the Deadly Premonition board game has nearly reached double its original goal of $50k. It is the first Deadly Premonition game released since the original way back in 2007 and is set in the town of Greenvale and started off as a passion project back in 2015 before being given the go-ahead by Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro.

Swery and Tomio Deadly Premonition

The Kickstarter is still live, and there are four pledge slots to choose from starting from $3 all the way to $60. Choosing the three dollar route will get you a Steam key for ‘Deadly Premonition: The Directors Cut’ to give you some insight as to what the inspiration for the board is. Every other pledge also comes with that steam key while having differing amounts or versions of the board game itself.

Deadly Premonition Board Game Special Edition


Two through four players can play at once, and they are given the role of detectives with one of them secretly being the killer. Each player will have six suspects under investigation that they must clear of suspicions with the first one able to clear all their suspects first able to make a guess as to who the killer’s accomplice is. If they guess right, they win the game, but if not the detective that the framed suspect was under will be fired for “negligence” making all his other suspects easy pickings for the real killer.

Deadly Premonition Cards

That is just a brief explanation of the overall goal, players will also be able to battle each other with their evidence, and the victor will be able to draw two extra cards. To spice things up, there are Action cards which allow you to do stuff such as murdering a suspect or causing every other detective to incriminate one of them. It is a free for all with only one victor so even if you think he/she may be an innocent fellow detective, you can never be too sure. If you are the killer, that doubt and confusion will benefit you as well.

Deadly Premonition Board Game Action Cards

I have not played the video game it is based off, so I can not compare it to this board version. What I can say is that this seems like a very interesting premise and something that even those unfamiliar with the source material can get into. While not the sequel I’m sure many Deadly Premonition fans were hoping for, this may just be worth keeping your eye on if you enjoy board games.


Link to Kickstarter for:  Deadly Premonition Board Game



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