Deep Space Waifu – Academy (dlc) review

Deep Space Waifu – Academy is a DLC pack that adds in several new waifus to conquer, new abilities to use and several other additions one wouldn’t normally expect for a single dollar. If you played the original base game before you know what to expect in the gameplay department, a ton of clothes to liberate your waifu from and aliens intent on stopping you. Their chances of doing so are much higher this time since right from the get-go the difficulty is much higher than nearly anything we’ve originally faced. We have three difficulty settings and they still only affect how much lives we start off, not the enemy waves or the amount of projectiles that will be shot your way.

Deep Space Waifu Academy Enemies

Alongside new foes, we also have two new abilities to choose from before starting your Attack on Waifu. One is a giant ball that bounces all over the screen causing damage to all that gets in its path and the second is a love letter that requires us to stay alive for some time while it finishes charging up. The love letter, in particular, is quite dangerous to use since it really clutters up the screen with random letters flying around, making it all too easy to get hit by a stray bullet you didn’t see. They are nice additions and can also be used in original waifu stages. A new power-up that may be dropped on levels is the heavy machine gun that allows us to add up to three ally pods for serious firepower. Losing a life still causes your power-ups to become detached, and if you don’t reclaim them before they fall off the screen, they are gone for good.

Deep Space Waifu Academy New Power

All of your waifus are centered around school-related activities such as tennis, cheer-leading, and wrestling. They are all quite tame, and none are nearly as silly as some found in the base game unfortunately. There are eight new waifus to see, but only seven stages, as one features multiple girls. Each have their own unique boss fights which I really liked and are much more of a threat than their vanilla counterparts. You can still kite them to destroy any clothes that may be remaining though their significantly more aggressive patterns makes it riskier. Defeating a stage will still unlock the “one hand mode” so you can replay it without needing to hold the attack button and count how many Steam friends you’ve lost with your spare hand.

Deep Space Waifu Academy Boss

Joking aside, you will still need to have your attention solely on the game as even with rapid fire you will still die if so much as a single projectile makes contact. Gentleman mode also makes a comeback that adds an interesting twist in where destroying your waifu’s clothes means game over. For those wondering, yes the nude patch works for this DLC and doesn’t require any tweaks. Academy doesn’t change the game but builds upon it with a plethora of new features such as new music, weapons, and stages. For a dollar, the amount of content is a steal for fans of the original. Whether you want it simply for the new waifus or because it is actually a fun game to play and you want more challenge, it is well worth the purchase.






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