Devour Them All review

Devour Them All

Devour Them All is a title I’d hesitate to even call a game. It has an awesome 80’s neon-drenched art direction and a three button fighting system including, punch, guard, and kick but little else. This is as bare-bones as they come, having just a single enemy sprite to face off against that come in waves. Contrary to what the “Infinite gameplay defeating waves” that is shown on the store page would have you believe, there are only three waves to fight. It literally takes you one minute to beat down the three small groups of the same sprite that comes after you then you are immediately tossed right back into the title screen.

Devour Them All Attack

There is no options menu or even a way to exit the game without using the Alt+F4 command prompt, just a prompt to press any key to restart the game. Your foe’s AI are not the brightest and can get itself momentarily stuck in nothing in particular. They are of very little threat to the player making guarding utterly pointless as you can simply wail away at them with a flurry of punches & kicks. Truthfully, it’s combat system is not bad at all, it is just unfortunately wasted here. That single environment that you see is all that you get as it slightly scrolls after each wave, revealing new objects to break for food or a knife. The knife is the only thing that varies things up a bit and is a throwable weapon, so after one use it is gone. In a surprise to no one, Devour Them All does not support gamepads and must be played on a keyboard.

Devour Them All Knife

Okay, so the game only lasts a single minute, fine. What about the replay value? Well, there really is no motive. With one go at it, you have seen all it has to offer, and it doesn’t even feature points for some form of a high score system to incentivize one to do better. There is not even a timer to at the very least see if you can beat the game faster than before or just an endless mode, anything at all to justify this being a product actually being sold. You’d get more enjoyment in setting the dollar that it costs on fire, it may last longer too. It is at least functional though feels more like a proof of concept than an actual game, certainly not one that should be sold for any price. This honestly sounds more like a rant than a review, but there just isn’t much of anything to review. It is a slapped together, minute long, bare-bones title with no lasting appeal whatsoever. Stay far away.






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