Don’t Let Go review

Dont Let Go

Don’t Let Go is an early VR title that tasks you with keeping both fingers on the CTRL keys at all times. It would do everything in its power to shock/scare you into releasing those keys via wasps, spiders, and even otherworldly beings. Before starting it is highly recommended that you put on headphones for the game to have its full effect. Starting off you are given the option of which location you would like to experience first, them being a desert and an ordinary office.

Dont Let Go Office

It does not matter which you pick first and both follow the same rule of not letting go of those two keys. You are given virtual arms though the fact that you can’t move them at all kills the immersion considerably. There is likely nothing the devs can do about this minus adding Leap Motion support. The game doesn’t use the cheap tactic of sudden loud noises, instead, they try to unnerve you via common phobias or staring a dangerous beast in the face.

Dont Let Go Dinosaur

Some moments are slightly unnerving but as someone lacking any of your typical phobias, the only reason to let go of the keys would be your fingers getting too sore. I am by no means fearless but the fact of the matter is if you don’t have the phobias on display here, the events that occur are not very effective. Funnily enough, the cord for the VR headset did help it when something crawls up your arms and down your neck.

Dont Let Go Snake

You can easily beat the entire game in about 10 minutes and there is no reason to replay it. The only reason you’d boot the game up again is to show your new headset off to someone you don’t trust to flail around with the Vive controllers yet. There are no graphics options though if you have a PC capable of VR I can’t see this game running poorly. Don’t Let Go is a neat idea for a game but with so little content and a price tag of 3 dollars, it is hard to recommend to anybody.






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