Earth Defense Force 4.1 releasing on PC

Earth Defense Force 4.1 PC

After a bit over a year since it’s release and many PC gamers asking for a version for them to enjoy, Earth Defense Force 4.1 is finally arriving on Steam as of July 18. It’s price will be $49.99 but will feature a week long discount of 30%. It is not a “complete” edition of sorts and will be releasing alongside quite a bit of dlc available for purchase.

Earth Defense Force 4.1 Bullet Girls DLC

The PC version will feature many of Steam’s extras functions such as Steam Cloud, achievements, trading cards and a increasing rarity for PC releases these days, split screen support.


For those unfamiliar with EDF 4.1 it is a remake of Earth Defense Force 2025 with improved graphics, frame-rate and new content to increase your bug/alien slaying fun. It is well known for the insane amount of enemies on screen at once and it’s destructible city landscape that well be left in rubble after all the intense fighting is through. You’ll be able to play as four distinct classes such as the Wing Diver that jetpack will allow you to zoom through the air or the Air Raider that can call in vehicles and set traps. It features over 80 missions to play through and 800+ weapons to test out on the alien scum.

Earth Defense Force 4.1 weapons






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