Etrian Odyssey fans rejoice!

A day ago on Atlus’ website this image was found, it was quickly noted to have the English title & a NA release time frame for the long awaited release of the 5th game in the Etrian Odyssey franchise, with the sub title of ‘Beyond The Myth’ . EU on the other hand has yet to receive a date. Priced at 39.99$

Today, further confirmation as Atlus just released an announcement trailer in English:

Etrian Odyssey 5: Beyond The Myth, much like its predecessors is a turn based DRPG , complete with party customization & cartography. You are tasked with exploring Yggdrassil, a 30+ floor dungeon. A myriad of classed to choose from & a 1st for the series, you can customize party members’ colors & another 1st, voices.  I for one can’t wait for this new game.

Visit the Official Website:



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