Q: What’s with the number 336?

A: Random number I use to make whatever username I want available. -somebody336

Q: Why the name “somebody” then?

A: Heh, I am not a creative person. -somebody336

Q: Can I post my reviews/write news here?

A: Sure. Just send a link to some of your content and we’ll let you know if you qualify. There are a few other rules such as no nudity that you will be informed of.

Q: Do I get paid if I submit reviews?

A: Nope, sorry. As of right now, this is purely an enthusiast website. You will own the rights to your reviews, however, and can delete it, paste it elsewhere or modify it to your liking at any time.

Q: What if a game has already been reviewed here?

A: By all means, feel more than free to do so. Having access to multiple viewpoints can be very handy for those interested in said title.

Q: Do you accept review copies?

A: Yes. We are not guaranteed to get around to actually reviewing your game though, so please keep that in mind.

Q: Will this site review anything other than video games?

A: Yes, we cover hardware, joysticks, and anything gaming related.

Q: Why is a certain platform or system not on the site?

A:  We currently have two staff members. If neither owns the system then it would be pointless to list it since we can’t review any titles for it.

Q: Why do some reviews not have a rating?

A: We originally started off with the mindset that one should judge a title by its content and flaws but later realized how useful it is to see if it is even worth reading about with a single glance.

Q: Do you only review Indie titles and obscure stuff?

A: No, big budget Triple A games take significantly more time to play through so we can not cover an insane amount of them.

Q: Do you cover pornographic titles or titles with nudity?

A: In rare cases and only if it has actual worthwhile content to it. Nudity will be censored with black bars.


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