From GUST, JRPG ‘Blue Reflection’ making its way to PC & PS4.

Blue Reflection an upcoming JRPG from famed GUST set in an all-girls high-school in Japan. This heartwarming RPG has you take the role of Hinako Shirai, her closest friends, Yuzuki and Lime Shijou, Shihori Sugamoto, the innocent fashionista who treats everyone as equals, and the troublesome but kind-hearted Chihiro Inoue.

Blue Reflection takes place at Hoshinomiya Girls’ High School, where players assume the role of student Hinako Shirai. She was a ballet dancer but after a terrible accident which stopped that in its tracks, she closed herself off from the rest of the world. She turns around after meeting the twin Magical Girls, Yuzu & Lime which bestow Hinako with the power of a Reflector with an ability to manipulate an alternate dimension known as The Common. In this place Hinako can move freely & shape it at will though will some come to learn of the perils that this place hides.As Hinako learns to treasure her companions and creates new bonds with those around her, she gains new strength to help her fight in The Common.

People that pre-order Blue Reflection from Amazon, Gamestop, EB Games & Best Buy, digital goodies will be had. These include the School Swimsuit and Rorona style costumes – the latter being the outfit of Rorolina Frixell from Atelier Rorona – and a “FreeSpace!” theme to change the look of their social networking app, a key in-game feature used to stay in touch with companions outside of school. Those purchasing the game on the PlayStation®4 system will also receive an exclusive Original Custom Theme.

The game will be available to Playstation 4 & Windows via Steam on September 26, 2017. I for one will definitely keep an eye out in it & hope that many do the same.




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