Gal*Gun Double Peace set to release on July 19


So it’s finally happening. One of the oddest rail shooters I’ve ever seen is heading over to the West on July 19, both digitally and physically for the PS4 and PS Vita. What’s so weird about it you may ask. Well you play as a young protagonist named Houdai, who after being shot with Cupid’s arrow has every girl in his school fall madly in love with him and he must now fend off all his new found fans with his “Pheromone Shot” to “excite” the girls into submission in order to reach his one true love.

If that sentence doesn’t make you turn your head I don’t know what will. There are multiple love interests to choose from that all effect the story and the paths throughout the game to add replay value. One of Gal*Guns features is the ability dress the girls in different outfits and costumes. A bullet point for the game is as follows “There are 450 underwear designs to discover!” so pantsu fans rejoice. It all sounds extremely perverted but it’s pretty tongue in cheek and knows just how ridiculous it is.

Exclusive to the Rice Digital website is a limited edition of Gal*Guns: Double Piece called the “Mr. Happiness Edition” that goes for $94.99 and $99.99 for the Vita and PS4 versions respectively. In it is (in their words, not mine) :

  • Gal*Gun Double Peace, with a premium quality art book and a set of 4 DLC costumes that are included in the Mr Happiness Edition of the game: Cunning Kunoichi, Wedding Dress, Sexy Ribbons, and Sakurazaki Squad 777
  • Exclusive Shinobu and Maya wall scroll
  • Official Gal*Gun Double Peace soundtrack
  • Supreme, ULTRA-RARE, extra-soft Mr. Happiness “Screen Cleaner” – gently wipe down your dirty screens for MAXIMUM visibility.

Gal Gun Limited Edition

Yep, among all that is a pair of panties for all of your console cleaning needs.



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