Grim Dawn has sold 500,000 copies

Grim Dawn 500k

Crate Entertainment (made up of many of the people that made Titan Quest)has found great success in the studio’s first game Grim Dawn. It’s an ARPG like the aforementioned Titan Quest but has swapped the Greek theme for an all new, more traditional dark fantasy world.

Grim Dawn

Having been in Early Access for more than two years and being officially released as a complete product 4 months ago, it still remains as one of the top 100 of Steam’s best selling games. High sales are good and all but more importantly those that have played the game have regarded it highly and currently has a 93% approval rating on Steam.


Crate Entertainment is not yet done with adding content to their game and are in the works to adding a new game mode known as the “Crucible” as well as working on a expansion pack.



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