Homefront: The Revolution – Aftermath (dlc) review

Homefront: The Revolution – Aftermath is the second piece of story related DLC to be released and is set a bit after the events of the base game’s finale. Needless to say, there will be spoilers so if you have not finished the game or care about the story I’d advise against reading this review. We will once again play as Ethan Brady, who has mysteriously decided to stop being mute and actually gained a voice in this DLC, making him more than a blank slate.

Homefront The Revolution Aftermath Baker

As it turns out, the liberation of Philadelphia has caused many a problem. The biggest one being that Walker is now a spokesman for the North Koreans and is causing massive demoralization to the Resistance forces. It is up to us to silence him yet Brady, now having a personality, demands that they try to rescue him instead of killing. Regardless of what the store page for the game says, you are not disobeying Resistance leadership or any more of a lone wolf than you were in the base game since they actually agree with and support you.

Homefront The Revolution Aftermath Resistance

Making our way over there we will quickly discover that where he is being kept is extremely fortified, far more so than anything from the base game. Whether you go in guns blazing or try to use stealth is up to you, though if you go with the former prepare for one heck of a fight. Other than the news station you will make your way through a few other fortified areas in your quest to free Walker. There are no new guns or items so it doesn’t feel all that different from anything we’ve done before. It is a completely linear adventure with little in the way of replay value as well.

Homefront The Revolution Aftermath Helicopter

The feel of been there, done that is strong with this DLC and the story doesn’t do much to alleviate this sensation. Considering most of the story of the base game was also to free Walker, it is not an engaging premise at this point. Aftermath will last you around 30 minutes and is a tough sell at 6 dollars. It is neat to see a bit of what happened after the main story ended but in at end of the day it is simply more Homefront with nothing new to offer aside from giving Brady a voice. With so little to offer aside from showing Walker’s fate, it is not a DLC for anybody but the most hardcore of fans.






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