Huge Binding of Isaac: Rebirth mod’s release is right around the corner.

Binding of Issac Rebirth

Fans of Binding of Isaac should check out this mod which releases Dec. 20th,  an unnoficial mod for Rebirth,  though a tweet by Edmund McMillen himself may change things in the future.

If the antibirth mod creators are out there, ping me, maybe we can get you mod tools early or help bring the mod officially to Ab+ sooner

— Edmund McMillen (@edmundmcmillen) December 17, 2016

The mod comes packed with new enemies, items trinkets, bosses, rooms & music. Check out their website for teasers & more info: & don’t forget that Afterbirth+ is on Jan 3rd, it will be $6.66 for a week after release for those that already own the Afterbirth DLC, regular price will be $9.99.



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