IKEA VR Experience review

Ikea VR Experience

IKEA VR Experience has you tour around a small kitchen staring at IKEA products. In this kitchen, you can test out stoves, ovens and open a few cabinets. There is some food laying around which you can eat raw or cook beforehand. You can also just throw meatballs and whatever you can get your hand on all over the room without fear of being swiftly kicked out of there. Scattered around are a few more objects such as catalogs and pencils to swipe down to the floor, making the janitor’s job that much worse.

Ikea VR Experience Drawers

By pointing at your right hand you will be able to navigate the menus that will allow you to change the furniture’s color, your height and activate a Christmas theme. There are only three colors to paint the room with. Changing your height is more interesting since you can either become very tall or change yourself to the size of a cat and teleport around the place like cats are known to do when you take your sight off them. If you are wondering, no you cannot teleport yourself into the oven.

Ikea VR Experience Height

The Christmas theme redecorates the room accordingly as well as adds a small mini-game where you put candy in gift boxes. There are no graphical options though the kitchen is small with little in the way of objects you can interact with so it isn’t difficult to run. You cannot walk out of the kitchen and the only other area to see is a tiny patio outside. It is as you can imagine a very short experience though it is important to remember that it is free. I’m not exactly sure what audience I would recommend this to or if it can even be classified as a game so I will not attach a rating to it. It is an interesting first look into what could possibly be the future of shopping and there is no harm in trying it.



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