Intensive Exposure review

Intensive Exposure is a game following the incidents in the day to day life of Moe Lester. Moe has really taken a liking to exposing his genitals to any women in sight and seems to have made it his life goal to flash as many women as possible. The game plays similar to Pacman where you must avoid your foes in a labyrinth like environment with the added twist that you only gain points by stopping and dropping your trousers in front of any female you come across. The longer you hold your pants down the bigger the score but you must always be wary of the security guards trying to keep your man down.

Intensive Exposure Harambe

Your first location to complete your nefarious task will be your work office. After racking up enough points you will have access to two other locations, the Grocery Store and a Museum. None are any more difficult than the other and each features the same women, only difference being the theme and the layout of objects. Your most dangerous foe will be the local security guards that will try to tase you and smack you with a baton. One type of women will not put up with your nonsense and will also chase you around relentlessly if you are brave/foolish enough to flash her.

Intensive Exposure Flash

Three hits from any enemy and you’re down for the count. Your only defense against the horde of angry people is knocking down shelves and other objects to block their paths temporarily. This becomes less effective as more people join in on the chase since the AI is surprisingly great and will catch you if you don’t react fast enough. It quickly becomes a really tense game of cat, mouse and one eyed snake. Your character never tires and can run right through unsuspecting people. Some random physic based objects are solid however and can trap you if you get careless of your surroundings. For such an honestly dumb sounding game it is a ton of fun in short bursts.

Intensive Exposure Santa

As you perform certain feats in the game you will unlock other characters to play as such as Santa Claus, Mario and Harambe. Each play exactly the same though it is entertaining to try to unlock all of the many strange characters on offer. Where this game is really lacking is in the soundtrack. It is a single song for all stages and as fun as it is to listen to will get old quickly. There are a few sexual sounding quips of voiced dialogue for your character and are rather well done & adds humor to the whole situation. The whole title is very silly and help negate the indecency of what you will be doing throughout.

Intensive Exposure Hugh

The controls are simple and very responsive. You’ll only have three actions, moving, knocking down obstacles and flashing your victims. If you are planning to play with a controller you will need to have a mouse nearby to control the menus which is a rather annoying minor quirk. There are various humorous forms to censor your genitals like having rainbows or a “politically incorrect” sign hovering over it. Or you can always up to go uncensored to unveil your massive manhood in voxel glory. This is definitely a title that its extremely perverted theme will not appeal to many people but for those fine with it, will find a surprisingly fun though short lived time waster.






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