Interactive novel ‘Of Love and Sorrow’ nearing it’s release

Of Love and Sorrow

Interactive Novel ‘Of Love and Sorrow’ will be available for purchase on August 8th for the Steam platform to transport you back to 1841, 20 years before the American Civil war. It’s an interesting time wear you see the tensions between the traditional agriculture South in contrast with the quickly industrializing North.

Of Love and Sorrow picture

We play as one of two young Southern brothers trying to become officers at a military academy before they are split apart by war, love and betrayal. Where they go after that is up to the decisions you make along the way and how you shape our character. Duty and honor or gambling and bedding prostitutes, help the slaves or turn a blind eye to their constant abuse.


It has 120,000 words to immerse you into it’s story and your choices will determine how the story plays out. A large portion of the game is mostly simple text but it does have some hand-drawn art to give you something to look at and help you visualize this rarely explored setting. Interestingly enough Of Love and Sorrow allows you to go with gay relationships as well as straight ones which I’d imagine would not end too well in that era.


Of Love and Sorrow seems like a game with vast potential to tell a great tale of your making, so heres hoping that it does just that this August 8th.



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