Kerbal Space Program heading to consoles this month

Kerbal Space Program

Popular spacecraft building simulator Kerbal Space Program will be making it’s way to the Playstation 4 & Xbox One on July 12 and 15 respectively. Both will be available as digital downloads only  and a Wii U version is planned to be released this upcoming Winter.


For those that are unaware of what Kerbal Space Program, the best to put it is to learn enough about rocketry to be able to build a shuttle that will not immediately come catapulting back down to Earth or exploding. Later in the game you will be able to build space stations around different planets and capturing asteroids to name a few of it’s features.


All this sounds rather complex and it honestly is but it’s charming humanoid characters known as Kerbals really help to keep it from being dull and it never gets old seeing their reactions of your futile attempts to build something semi useful.

Kerbal Space Program Space



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