King Kaiju review

King Kaiju is a sandbox game that has you take on the role of either a Godzilla-like dinosaur or a giant cat. We start off inside of an egg that serves as the hubworld where you can select your mission, change characters or tweak the graphic settings. Once we pick our mission and are ready to antagonize the city we must punch our way out of the egg and into the world beyond. Seeing the city so calm and peaceful makes our plan of action clear, go over there then try to bash someone over the head with a lamppost.

King Kaiju Grab

We can grab and throw nearly any object such as cars, trash bins or even buildings. Smack planes out of the air, eat trees and smashing houses down are some of the other ways we can interact with the city. This title uses a teleport system to get around, making it easily playable in smaller areas. Everything we destroy gains us points though your objective changes each level. There are only 4 levels, 3 of them asking you to smash a certain number of things while the last one is a sandbox mode where you can do as you please.

King Kaiju Sandbox

None of them have time limits and the fact that you cannot be harmed or die makes them all feel exactly the same. Once you get over the awe of being able to destroy everything and can play as a giant cat that can shoot lasers out of its eyes, repetition sets in hard. There are only so many buildings you can topple over before you get bored and the lack of any threats makes your rampages feel unfulfilling as well. Explosions are underwhelming too. Throw a car into a pack of pedestrians and none will be killed by the following explosion unless it lands directly on him.

King Kaiju VR Peds

The music gets old fast and the accursed ice cream truck’s jingle will be grating after a few minutes of playing the game. On the other hand, graphics are great, presenting a colorful nearly cartoon-like look. With the open world and so many physics based objects this game is very taxing on your PC. King Kaiju basically feels like knocking down Legos minus the life-threatening situation of stepping on one. This title does exactly what it promises, allows you to become a giant monster and destroy everything you can get your mitts on, no more no less. It is no doubt a bare-bones, repetitive experience but at the end of the day, it is not a bad game.






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