Kitten Cannon review

Kitten Cannon is a VR only game that has you fighting off a race of horse like creatures floating around the planet. They don’t really attack or do anything to earn being blasted by explosive kittens but hey, we are stranded on a planet with nothing but a cannon and a ton of cats, so can’t really blame a man for fulfilling his destiny. You are given a small area to play in that features a cannon in the middle, a scoreboard and endlessly respawning cats. Once you catch a cat you can either load it into the cannon, pet it, juggle it or simply chuck it off of the building to add insult to injury.

Kitten Cannon Juggling

What could easily be seen as somewhat cruel is negated by the cutesy nature of the game and how ridiculous the whole thing is. When you are through messing around you can press Start to start the game proper. Upon pressing it the Nyan cat song will boot up and you’ll have 60 seconds to take down as much enemy horses as possible. Once you catch a cat and jam it in, you’ll have to grab the cannon’s handles and carefully take aim if you hope to hit anything. It is harder than it seems or maybe I simply have the aim of a Stormtrooper, in any case it is a blast.

Kitten Cannon FIre

Once your 60 seconds are up, your high score will be saved then you’ll be free to return to lollygagging or you can give it another go for a better score. Once you finish those 60 seconds you’ll have seen everything it has to offer but it is oddly addicting and will have you reaching for another cat in no time. Best of all is that Kitten Cannon is completely free so if you just emptied your bank account buying a new HTC Vive then you’ll at least have this to look forward to. Free, quirky and fun for the whole family, it’s definitely worth a download.






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