Let’s Look at: Doom Crash Bandicoot mod

Crash Bandicoot Doom replaces each enemy sprite with those of the titular orange mascot that has recently become a meme. It not only changes the appearance of your usual Doom enemies but changes their sounds and methods of attack as well. Each and every foe will utter that now famous “woah” at random intervals and once they are aware of your presence will increase their woahing while lunging right towards you.

Doom Crash Bandicoot Lunge

This does change up the gameplay significantly as enemies will no longer stand in one spot shooting projectiles your way but rapidly close the distance between you two in order to attack. It does make the game more challenging as you will be forced to constantly be on the move lest you get surrounded by bandicoots and rapidly mauled apart. Sound will no longer inform you of a foe’s general location as they all constantly “woah” which can be heard from quite a distance away. You will be hearing their battle cries from all directions, and it becomes a downright symphony of chaos in maps with a larger enemy count.

Doom Crash Bandicoot Fist

As someone that personally enjoys this meme, it will quickly grate on your nerves and makes other over the top joke mods like MLG Doom seem much more tolerable. Unless you have the enemy placement memorized, the lack of audio cues before coming face to face with the deformed looking low res PS1 model of Crash Bandicoot does oddly lend it a horror like atmosphere. Walking into a dark room and immediately hearing them “woah woah woah woah!” without the slightest clue where they may be is terrifying. Or maybe that’s just me…. or not.

Doom Crash Bandicoot Spooky

Enemy types such as the Imps and Cacodemons retain their projectile throwing abilities as well as the newly added bandicoot lunge. This makes them even more deadly in close range as they can zoom right in and fling a fireball right into your face if you are caught off guard. Any foe that is on a higher platform will immediately descend upon noticing you and try to swarm you making old maps feel fairly different. This is a joke mod, but the gameplay modifications to it does make it less likely to be something you play for only a few minutes and never look at again. As long as you play it muted that is.

Doom Crash Bandicoot Hell

Blasting a bandicoot with a shotgun or other meme killing weapon of your choice does still cause blood splatter, though killing Crash will only result in him looking sad and disappearing from whence it came. They do still drop ammo or whatever that enemy type would normally drop, so a full playthrough of this is still very much possible. It works perfectly fine in both Doom and Doom 2, allowing you to revisit these two classics as it was no doubt intended. While you are at it, you may be interested in adding the Fidget Spinner wad to truly experience the best that the year 2017 has to offer.

Doom Crash Bandicoot Fidget Spinner



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