Let’s Look At: The Fallen

The Fallen is not your typical First Person Shooter; we have no idea who we are, what we are doing in the ruined building we find ourselves in and have no idea who are enemies even are. All we know is that the sounds coming from that of outside the building are from no small skirmish. With that situation, you can either walk out of a hole in the building to walk away from it all or you can instead choose to walk up the stairs, wherein you will find a sniper rifle.

The Fallen Sniper

You are conveniently in a position where you can see the entire battlefield and can put that sniper to use. Shooting at someone slows down time and gives us a cinematic angle of the projectile’s path to its unfortunate target. It is very similar to the system found in the Sniper Elite series, but the twist is that in this, they do not glorify the death of a person. Once you pull the trigger and the fate of that person is sealed, a narrator will start giving a short summary of that soldier’s life before his death.

The Fallen Shooting

It is an interesting way to get you to see them as a human being instead of a simple enemy to be killed off. You can fire at both sides of the conflict, making it unclear if you are a combatant or a madman. There are no objectives or explanations; it is all up to your imagination and your own actions. The entirety of the experience is set in that small building as you fire into the war zone below. What I played was a very early demo with the title’s development being set to continue across 2017. The Fallen is an interesting take on the FPS genre, and it will be equally as interesting to see how it progresses.


You can download the demo here: The Fallen



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