Mars VR review

Mars VR is an on-rails shooter that immediately throws you into a massive battle between you and a few soldiers against an army of machines. In your right hand, you wield a futuristic pistol while your left is used to grab and aim your chaingun at the incoming army about to breach your base. There is little time to wonder what in the world is going on as you futilely hold them off for as long as possible until the inevitable happens and you must make your escape.

Mars VR Turret

You descend down into the base and try to flee on your hovering vehicles as the robots smash there way inside, massacring anyone unlucky enough to be near. As you try to race to safety, you must make use of the second pistol now in your possession to blast away any foes. In the end, only you and a single solider survive, and as the elevator goes up, you are attacked by spider looking aliens which you must fend off. Somehow, a rescue chopper arrives and as your buddy jumps onto it, something suddenly chops it in half and you to meet your end.

Mars VR Helicopter

And that was the game in its entirety. It will only last you around 7 minutes and is more demo/proof of concept than a standalone title. They also state that the English language is not supported, but there is no text or anything to impede you from playing this. The graphics are absolutely stunning and is sure to impress near anyone that you show it to. While it is sold at just three dollars and is the hypest 7 minute demo I’ve played, it is a tough one to recommend. If ever they released a full title I would buy it in a heartbeat but as is, only buy it if you want to show off your headset and what VR is capable of.






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