MLG Doom (mod) review

MLG Doom

MLG Doom is a mod that inserts the dankest memes 2015 had to offer into your Doom experience. It is a Brutal Doom add-on so it will not work if you do not have that installed as well. You know it is working when the iconic Doom cover has been “enhanced” with Mountain Dew, Snoop Dogg and the Doritos logo. Speaking of Mountain Dew and Doritos, the health pickups have been replaced with them and the sound of an air horn is played every time you pick them up. A quick word of warning, if you are epileptic stay far, far away from this mod.

MLG Doom Snoop Dogg

This is quite possibly the loudest mod you’ll ever come across where the simple act of killing someone may randomly trigger a sound clip of 12-year-old children shouting or various other memes such as the “Oh baby a triple!” kid. When those trigger so does a dancing hypnotic frogs, a marijuana leaf and various other MLG culture icons that make it difficult to see what in the world is going on. Humorously enough, the zombie soldiers will do a 360 spin jump right before shooting you to add salt to the wound. I’ll admit, the first time I saw one of them then they proceeded to yell “Surprise motherf****r!” right before 360 noscoping me into oblivion, it got quite a chuckle out of me.

MLG Doom Flip Off

With the addition of the new Counter Strike sniper rifle and the ability to bind a key to a 360 jump, you to can be as MLG as them one day. Or you can simply bind the ‘Allahu Akbar’ action, run towards them and blow everyone, including yourself into smithereens. That sniper rifle is an absurdly powerful weapon that will devastate any weapon, effectively ruining the balance of the game which nothing can be less surprising considering the nature of this mod. When you start the game, a single attack is all it will take to do you in, only for the X-files theme to play afterward and revive you with 200% health and the berserk powerup to rip and tear through enemies.

MLG Doom Dank

When in that enraged state, killing more enemies will fill up the dank-o-meter, allowing you to remain in that state for extended periods of time. The tradeoff, however, is the loud music that will be blasting through your speakers, the inability to see much of the game due to memes and the ever looming question of what I’m doing with my life. On some occasions, you will encounter Sanic the Hedgehog that will be accompanied by an extremely bass heavy version of the Green Hill zone theme. He will proceed to run around and explode, I’d be buggered if I was ever able to take a picture of this mystical being.

MLG Doom Mod

The insult action of the original none meme filled version of Brutal Doom has been revamped with new dialogue more fitting of this mode such as “1 v 1 me”. I’ve also gotten the mod to work with every other mod I threw with it if you would like to completely ruin what the other modders were going for, be it a horror mod or one based toward children. If ever there was a mod that really doesn’t warrant a serious review it would be this one as it is clearly just a light-hearted gimmick with no intentions of being anything else. It is perfectly possible to play through the game with this mod if you desire. For most people, it will get old after a few minutes and will be something that you will never touch again. Now excuse me while I try to save as many of my brain cells as possible after experiencing so many memes in such a short time.


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