ModernHot (mod) review


ModernHot is a Call of Duty 4 mod that converts the game into a white and red world where time moves only when you yourself move. Standing still will see the world as well as everything in it, from bullets to enemies, moving at a snail’s pace allowing you to more easily plan your strategy. This formula is based off of the hit indie game called Superhot and is a title I have not personally played so I can not compare the differences between the two.

ModernHot PC

We start off our journey in a hallway of our house and must make our way over to the PC in order to boot up ModernHot. While we wait for it to boot up, we are treated to a rap song about CoD 4 before it finally loads, and we make are thrust into the first real mission. Our first task is simple. Simply go over to the pedestal and pick up a gun. Doing so will spawn in a group of foes that have no textures or details, they are human sculpted polygons that glow red. The environments are entirely white making it easy to spot them and keep track of the projectiles whizzing through the air during gunfights.

ModernHot Gunfight

Most of your time will be in combat as you stylishly dodge bullets, shoot apart an enemy, take their assault rifle and go to work on his allies. Few things are more satisfying than when everything goes according to plan though I assume this mod is targeted to people familiar with Superhot since right off the bat it is quite the challenge. Be prepared to die due to occasionally unfair situations such as an enemy spawning behind you. It makes sense however, as it only features 4 actual levels to play through while the other 2 are just the intro & outro that don’t feature any gameplay. With how satisfying it feels to blast apart a foe it is a challenge you’ll immediately want to try again if you fail.

ModernHot Damage

All it takes is one shot for you to go down but the same rule applies to every enemy be they human or dog. You will always start off with a gun to defend yourself and there are melee punches for when you run out of ammo. Unlike Superhot, you can not toss your gun in this mod. There are three weapons you can get your hands on in the entirety of this mod. These are a pistol, shotgun and assault rifle which the enemies can also wield. They all share one similarity, and that is that they only contain the rounds that are already in the magazine. Shooting randomly will quickly leave you without ammo, and you can not get more for your weapon meaning that you should be precise when pulling the trigger least you find yourself defenseless out in the open.

ModernHot Dog

Finding yourself dry is not the end of the world, whenever you kill an enemy they drop their weapon which you can then pick up and continue the battle. It is important to memorize where they dropped them however so you can walk backwards to keep your eye on where everyone is. Turning your back is not advised as they have no qualms with shooting you in the back as you fumble about. How long ModernHot lasts you is entirely up to your skill. It may very only last you a couple of minutes, or it can take you over an hour like this noob reviewer. Either way, ModernHot is an interesting shakeup to the Call of Duty formula and is one well worth downloading if it seems even the slightest bit interesting to you.







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