Monster Hunter XX QoL changes!

  • Insects can now be transfered between Glaives.
  • Limitations –  Glaives must have the same Insect Damage Type (Cut, Blunt) & transferal cannot happen on Collaboration Insect Glaives.

  • Songs played now appear on the bottom left of the top screen, this can be changed back to the middle of the screen in the options.
  • Bottom screen can be customized to show the song list.

  • No  more waiting for the trap to destroy itself, now you can removed them yourself with a context sensitive prompt,
  • You will not receive components back.

  • Severed tails & other monster pieces now show up on the maps. Unknown if the monsters have to be painted beforehand.

  • You can now move the fishing rod about, no more waiting for fish to seek it out.


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