Mount and Blade: Bannerlord’s siege feature

Mount and Blade 2 BannerLord

On E3 2016 we were finally shown gameplay of one of Bannerlord’s most hyped features, the new and improved siege battles. You will have the ability to command troop formations, set up siege weaponry and assault the keep from multiple directions to keep your opponents guessing. It is a huge departure from the previous game’s single option of climbing a small ladder into the base and getting a huge portion of your forces slaughtered. The defending side also has weapons of their own like casks of oil to set fire to your units from above and ballistas for long range attacks.

Bannerlord siege machines

One of the things slightly seen is the new destructibility of the walls as a catapult projectile chipped off a chunk on impact. A similar effect is had on the gates when you smash into it with the battering ram or your weapons. With towers approaching the castle and all these other factors going on in the siege, the AI was impressively intelligent in their reactions by manning war-machines, raising ladders and generally staying alive all without a single command from you.

Bannerlord Siege

For those of us that have played the previous game we will remember that the AI would generally just clutter up in a single location until one side proved victorious. With so many things to now consider in Bannerlord you will have a lot of options in how you play. Will you be a fearless general and be the first to charge into battle, man a war-machine yourself to create openings in their defense or just play it safe and command every detail from afar. Revamped siege and various other improvements like bigger battles and a real time economy for the game world is making Bannerlord seem to be shaping up to far surpass the previous entries of Mount and Blade.



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