My Soul Trapped in a Win 98 PC (mod) review

My Soul Trapped in a Win 98 PC

My Soul Trapped in a WIN98 PC is a Doom 2 mod where we find ourselves teleported inside that ancient OS and it is up to us to shoot our way out. We start off on the outskirts of a monitor with nothing but a pistol and our fists. As we venture into it, we will immediately be greeted with enemies and get a taste of the mod author’s love to get the drop on us. In the early sections of the mod, it is a bit unclear where or how we must progress to though it gets better as it goes on.

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With all the custom textures in the environment, it is odd to discern which section is a door at first but you’ll get the hang of it soon enough. All the enemies and weapons remain unchanged from Doom 2. The music, on the other hand, has been changed to a single cheesy yet somehow catchy track. Its bizarre architecture and endless darkness in some sections do lend it a surreal feel, that works in its favor. Level design is a bit lacking at the beginning but evens itself out later on though I do like how the secrets are handled.

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Like the opening level in Doom 2, you are closer to a secret than you realize from the get go. It is rather fitting considering this mod replaces the original level of Doom 2. The mod is very short and should last you around 20 minutes to complete its single level. This is also the type of mod where you do need to jump so be sure to bind it to a key. Its overall difficulty is fine and never feels cheap. Funnily enough, you can cheese the ending if you randomly go around mashing the use key on walls and will just be able to stroll out of there. With such a short mod it is unnecessary to go too in depth and spoil the experience, all you need to know is that it is a decent level to play through, though do not expect anything too wacky.




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