New survival horror game Phantaruk


Set on a spacecraft named Purity 0-2, Phanataruk tasks the player with managing his battery supplies for his flashlight and more uniquely finding syringes to neutralize the toxins within you before you succumb to it. It is set in the First Person view and you are not alone in this vessel. There is a creature lurking within that has killed everyone before your arrival and still hungers for more death.

Phantaruk setting

Your only real option to survive when it is near is to hide. Scattered around the environments are notes left behind by the now deceased crew that will help uncover the mystery of Purity 0-2. The developers have been inspired by both Dead Space and Doom 3 while creating this game-world which are just as good as any games to take inspiration from when creating an atmospherically creepy space setting.

Phantaruk Corpse

It’s lore is rather interesting and has humans becoming fed up with the limitations of our bodies that obviously backfired on us as seen in the pictures above. Phantaruk has been in development for two years and is set to be released in August of this year on Steam with possible Linux & Mac versions. Console versions are said to be in consideration.



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