Open-world RPG ‘Kenshi’ newest update


Early Access game Kenshi has released an update today that doubles the playable area to 90 square miles to explore and the developers say this is just a quarter of the game world that they plan on having.

Included in the update are :

-New biomes with ancient artifacts, forgotten ruins and hidden factions to explore.
-New enemies and new species to survive against.
-Extra dialogue and unique recruitable characters.
-Added readable books and lost notes for insight into the lore of Kenshi.
-Added hydroponic indoor farming techs
-Added rain watering farms and crops

Kenshi Fight

Kenshi is currently in beta and is a squad based RPG where you control your destiny and have the choice to become a bandit, trader, warlord or just a corpse in the wasteland. One of the interesting things about this title is that you are just a normal person, not the unstoppable hero we usually expect to play in games, since you are no more capable than anyone else. You may end up being a feared lone warrior or build a mighty town and war with the others factions depending on your playstyler. There is a lot going for this game and it is going to be very interesting to see how Kenshi progresses in the future.


It is currently 33% of for the Summer Sale and there are a couple of playable demos on the developer Low-Fi Games website.



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