Our Anime website has finally launched

Another anime

After some time spent in the oven we’ve finally up and launched Weebs Weekly, a website dedicated to all things anime. It started off as a small idea after we were asked if we would consider reviewing anime. After some discussion we agreed to keep this site focused solely on gaming and went on to slowly build a separate site.

A few months of slowly tweaking its ins and outs as well as watching enough anime to have a decent amount of content from the get go, it is now fully functional, allowing us to review whatever random show we happen to be watching. We are aware that the logo is pretty basic and will improve it on a later date.

Weebs Weekly

There will be no changes to 336GameReviews and we will still be bringing out two reviews a week alongside some news. Thank you for sticking with us and we hope to keep writing about this hobby that we love for many years to come. -3GR Team



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