Plantera review

Plantera is cutesy idler/clicker game. There’s not much to it, you plop down plants, trees & animals then proceed to click away at the products in order to gain money which you then use to buy even more plants.  Thus begins the never-ending cycle. To assist you in with gathering there are little blue gnome helpers called… Helpers. They will gather products at a slightly slower pace than you would if you were clicking away but of course, they do it passively letting you sit back & watch. As you grow your farm & level up more of them will join to assist in the tasks.

Leveling up will unlock new plants & animals to buy which in turn means they produce higher value crops, though each purchase increases the asking price of the plant or animal. You can initially only plant a set amount of each category though you can purchase more plot space which adds more slots.

Rabbits, crows, bears & foxes will occasionally show up to try to eat your crops or animal products. You can simply tap them to give them a scare, causing them to back off. Bears & foxes take a few more hits than the crows & rabbits. Alternatively, you can use your “hard” earned cash to buy dogs & scarecrows which will help in deterring unwanted pests. Other stuff for purchase are multipliers & Alarm Clocks, these increases the time the Helpers “work” when you are away from the game or the system is shut off.

In the ways of flaws, there wasn’t much outside of occasionally having minor slowdown, which is amazing considering how cluttered the game can become which coincidentally enough brings forth its second flaw. The clutter can make placing & replacing plants with others a pain as there is no way to simply view that “row’ when doing so, the Helpers & animals (cows please moove) will get in the way making you accidentally click them.

All in all, Plantera is a very simple idler/clicker game with cutesy art & ok music with not much to do. Obviously, this isn’t a game for everyone. It runs decently well despite the clutter. It is also available on Wii U & Steam, purchasing it on Wii U will net you the game for free on 3DS. The Steam version is a couple of dollars cheaper. Whichever version you choose you are sure to find some enjoyment out of clicking away at your farm.





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