Super Furball review

Super Furball is a 2D action platformer in where some dude in a tank blows up your house and a statue of a furball comes to life to take revenge. The areas near him are filled with other evil black furballs that want to kill you. To defend yourself you have an energy gun with unlimited ammo to blast your way past your foes. Enemies also have energy guns so it becomes a duel of who shoots first and is able to land a hit three times that will prevail. That becomes much harder to pull off when the enemies have the high ground and you are forced to jump to their height to land your shoots. Luckily both you and them can only shoot horizontally so you need to be right in front of another to shoot them. Hidden within the levels are a few different more power guns like a plasma thrower which works like a flame thrower and a Repeater that fires three bullets in a single shot. You will have to be careful when firing with these as they have very limited ammo and will disappear rather quickly.

Super Furball fight

The levels have plenty of endless pits that will spell your doom if you are unlucky enough to fall into one. There are other hazards scattered around like bouncing mines, missiles being randomly shot from a turret and mines randomly floating in the water. Your little furball has the ability to swim without the fear of drowning so you can take your time navigating underwater. Red gems are everywhere in the level and collecting a life grants you an extra life though they are often placed in very dangerous locations. This is not an easy game by any means and will have your head if you play recklessly. It will help a lot to keep your eyes open for any secrets that can be found like extra lives, guns or just letting you skip a difficult area. Once you finish the first mission you will be taken to the main overworld where you can walk around and go to the next mission or replay previous ones. The next level is where the bad begins and I was unable to continue past the second level due to a glitch.

Super Furball stuck

Second levels starts off well enough and starts to ramp up the difficulty which is all well and good. Unfortunately once you reach a place with a snake pillar there is no way to progress any further. I’m guessing that pillar is supposed to go down but after multiple times retrying that level it never did and I was not able to play past the second mission. I was not able to play the game to give a detailed review and I do not know things like if the repetitive, slightly annoying music gets any better, if the levels are varied and how the boss fights are. From what I’ve played it did seem like a fun game with solid controls but I obviously can’t recommend a game by playing two levels alone. I don’t know if this is a common issue though looking through the Steam forums it does seem like the game has other problems like crashing and being unable to start which I have not experienced. It did not seem like a bad game but I will not recommend it due to this and would advise that buyers beware.



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