Surivial RPG ‘Inferno Climber’ hits early access

Ark System Works, best known for making fighting games have released a neat little title named Inferno Climber that is very reminiscent of a mix of Zelda and Dark Souls at first glance. It is set in a world where they kept five magical Purgatory Stones to keep order in the realm but they have fallen into the wrong hands and now monsters freely roam the land.

Inferno Climber monsters

As you can see the game has a light hearted, chibi artstyle to it that gives it a certain uniqueness. You will be able to choose from one of eight character classes in order to seek out all 5 of the Purgatory Stones scattered across the lands. While seeking out these stones you will have to worry about traps, puzzles and your hunger.

There are over 400+ items to loot and collect throughout your journey that will span over 20 stages. Inferno Climber is currently available for $19.99 and has been said that it will be ready to exit Early Access in a few months.


Trailer below:



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