Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack review

Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack is a sci-fi themed puzzle platformer that puts you in the role of an unnamed yet grumpy blob whose only goal is to escape, along with its brethren, human capture which by the short intro video at the start of the game involved various torturous scientific experiments.

You will travel through various locales such as a college campus, military base & space to name a few. As you go through each stage, you will be “stuck” in sections which you need to eat a certain amount of food to grow, as expected of blobs.

One of the many objects you will be able to eat to grow into a big & strong blob. Part of a balanced diet.

How you go about this often involves platforming, puzzles involving some physics & your powers, or a combination of both. Levels can range from easy to challenging but never challenging enough as to make one rage quit. Controls are responsive though the blob’s physics might get you killed a few times unintentionally. This game was designed with a controller in mind, so those with KB/M will have a subpar experience & there is no way to remap keys.

Beside your blobby movement & eventual size gains, you have three powers with which to affect your environment. These are rocket mode, used in designated sections and it allows flight. Telekinesis, as expected allows you to interact with certain marked objects & magnetism, which allows you to attract & repel metallic objects denoted by their purple aura or stick to them for crossing gaps or hazards. These powers come somewhat early in the game & ultimately don’t evolve or add anything memorable to gameplay.

Combination of telekinesis & boost pads to safely cross the gap.

Art is nice to look at but nothing amazing & music much less so. Levels are littered with various puns, jokes or references to viral media that as expected are on the dated side. The biggest flaw to the game is the lack of much to do outside collecting your blob brethren hidden away in levels, 2 per level, going for the top score or competing in leaderboard positions.

Small bonus level to break the monotony, one per map.

Mutant Blobs Attack was a short, enjoyable albeit not groundbreaking game. It is a simple & short puzzle-platformer with a decent amount of challenge, mostly brought down due to lack of content. As it is often found in various bundles & sales, odds are it can be gotten cheaply which makes it a decent play without breaking the bank.

Friendly blobs to be found in each level.




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