The Evil Within: The Consequence (dlc) review

The Evil Within: The Consequence is the second and final DLC featuring the journey of Juli Kidman. It takes place directly after the events of the first DLC, and we once again find ourselves on the chase for Leslie. If you played the first one, which you should if you are planning to play this, you will be right at home as not much has changed. Kidman still lacks any weapons and is forced to sneak around the environments to avoid enemies or kill a few if she is lucky enough to find an axe. One of the most substantial new additions you will soon come across are the glowsticks that replace your flashlight after it meets its untimely demise.

The Evil Within The Consequence Glowstick

Throwing one can illuminate the surrounding area, and you can have up to three functioning at the same time, though with each one you toss you risk accidentally hitting an unseen enemy which will very likely end badly for you. While you can only have three lighting up the area, you do have an unlimited supply to throw as you please. It is not game changing though it is a neat idea that is sadly gone as soon as it arrives in the place of a new flashlight. Shining the light from it still reveals new pathways and such, making it essential, but we never find ourselves in complete darkness again, and I find it strange they couldn’t make both light sources consists with one another.

The Evil Within The Consequence Ruben

The story is a big focus in this DLC. We will be learning a ton about what has occurred, the backstory of several characters and why things turned out as they did at the end of the original campaign. It is all rather interesting with this installment finally hinting us in on many of the questions we’ve once had. This does end at the same time the base game does so we won’t learn anything about what happened in the aftermath. As stated, most of the gameplay remains the same, from healing by standing still to the atrocious three-second sprinting limit that I’m sure you are all sick of hearing about if you’ve read my other reviews. The story is the main reason you’d want to play The Consequence though there is one other addition that separates it somewhat from its prior DLC. We finally get a gun to defend ourselves with.

The Evil Within The Consequence Gun

It is an unmodded pistol that we would have scoffed at playing as Detective Sebastian though one really values it here after going through so much with nothing but our wits and a flashlight. Like all good things in life, it is not meant to last, and it isn’t long before we once more find ourselves helpless until much later on when we get a shotgun for our troubles. Even while packing a shotgun it doesn’t become an action game due to its ability to only fire one round before going through a very slow reload animation. Having the ability to finally fight back and even bring down that which has been hunting us since the very first DLC quite satisfying. Satisfying is a fitting word for The Consequence. Since we already know how it will end, it is unable to blow our minds in any way, but when we finally went full circle back into the original story, I felt quite content with the unique experience playing as Kidman offered. If you’ve already played and enjoyed the first DLC, there is little reason not to get this expansion as well and finish the journey.






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