The Purge Day review

The Purge Day

The Purge Day follows the tale of a man named Jack Bowman on a quest to save his wife after being informed of an alien invasion. The story is told through comic book-like panels and is narrated by our character whose voice actor is pretty good which was unexpected. On his way to reach her, our plane is downed and we must defend ourselves from the oncoming aggressors. Luckily for us, there is a magic box thing that sell us weapons and we happen to have enough to buy a gun as well as a bit of ammo.

The Purge Day Weapon Shop

Yes, a gun as in just the one. It is one of the few Vive games that doesn’t have you awkwardly dual wielding as if you were John Woo and prioritizes having a careful aim instead. Ammo conservation is very important in this title, there is no melee so running out of rounds either due to bad aim or being too stingy with your money will be the end of you. As well as purchasing guns you can also buy a power-up that grants you bullet time for a short while and grenades.

The Purge Day Alien

Occasionally you may receive an air drop with ammo and a few items. Who is sending you these supplies we never find out though you won’t find me complaining about getting some aid against the horde of aliens. They will approach you from the front and your sides, while your back is never in danger. There is no movement here, where we start the level is where it will end and there is no dodging involved either. If an alien gets close enough to attack, then you are certainly going to die since a single hit is all it takes to do us in.

The Purge Day Dead

We are never really swarmed by a ton of enemies at once. They usually arrive a few at a time and most take their sweet time eerily walking towards you. It is no doubt unsettling as heck seeing these fleshy looking aliens slowly make their way towards you through a dark corridor where you can barely see them. Take too much time keeping your eye on it and you run the risk of being flanked by one of the faster alien variations. You can run into some interesting situations where you decide if it is worse possibly wasting ammo taking potshots at a distant threat or risk letting them close for an easier shot.

The Purge Day 3rd level

There are crosshairs so it is not difficult at all to accurately aim unless you panic. In fact, up until the final level the game is far, far too easy. I never found myself using a grenade or the bullet time power-up due to it. The last level was definitely the highlight and I wish the rest of the game was like that. Overall there are only 3 levels that will last a bit less than 30 minutes and each have a boss fight at the end of them. Bosses are quite simply pathetic. They can easily be mistaken for regular enemies that pose no more of a threat.

The Purge Day Boss

You’ll only be able to have a single gun on hand at any one time. They range from pistols, a submachine gun, an assault rifle and finally a shotgun. None of them are useless though most sound pretty underwhelming. It is important to note that this game sells for 3 dollars, making most of its flaws understandable. The only thing that actually harms it is the lack of difficulty for the large majority of the time. With that being said, it’s hard not to have fun and is a nice change of pace from your typical faster-paced wave shooters. If you are looking for a cheap Vive game worth playing, then look no further than The Purge Day.






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