Trump Simulator VR review

Trump Simulator VR

Trump Simulator VR is a vr only game that puts you in the shoes of Trump preparing for a speech. You are given 5 minutes to prepare a multitude of things such as the actual speech itself. You’ll be able to do these tasks in any order you wish and are given full reign to interact with everything in the small room. Objects have physics to them so you can throw them around in a satisfying fashion though nearly everything in it has a purpose so making a mess can make it harder if you have any intentions of “winning”.

Trump Simulator VR Picture

It’s all rather cheeky and at Trump’s expense which may annoy some. Things he must do before his speech involve shredding his taxes and feeding a bird with chocolate that Vladimir Putin sent him alongside a rather erotic picture of himself. The only voice acting comes in the form of your secretary constantly badgering you to get a move on and from voice clips of Trump himself to make up a speech. Making that speech was perhaps the most amusing part of the game as you have to line up words on your fridge and even a single word counts as a speech funnily enough. I can just imagine Trump going up to the podium, saying “Clinton” and dropping the mic to thunderous applause.

Trump Simulator VR Speech

If you start running out of time due to being lost in your own delusions, you can simply reset the timer and everything will default to its original position. Once you know what to do and where everything is it becomes an insanely simple task to finish in time. Conquering that challenge will allow you to access a bonus round called “Grab The Pussy” that tasks you with catching a teleporting cat. Simple as that. Trump Simulator is a bare-bone game you can literally beat under 5 minutes on your first time if you don’t gawk and mess around with the environment. While it does cost a single dollar, that may be a tough pill to swallow for some. Overall I think the amount of enjoyment, however gimmicky it may be, is worth the price of entry.






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