UBERMOSH, an extremely simple, yet balls to the wall hard game with an amazing rocking soundtrack & a top-down view of the action. Story is simple & quick to the point, cyberpunk utopian future colony where violence, crime & poverty is a non-issue but violence is a “basic need”, so what better way to blow off much needed stress than dropping you in a hostile environment. That is basically it, you are armed with a sword, which you can use to deflect enemy bullets back at them or slice them. Guns are dropped by enemies, simply running over them picks them up. The guns are nothing special, each have their own bullet spread and there is a total of 5 different guns. The game has a simple premise, basically your difficult to survive horde/score attack type of game. You are given 90 seconds & 4 lives on the basic mode of play. There are 4 modes or class mods as the game call them: Kensai, limits you to only use your sword, Gunner only guns & Warlock, which gives you the “best” gun as well as the being able to use your sword. Your amount of lives varies between each mod. Gunplay is average serving more to thin the numbers rather than being your main method of attack, the sword being your main weapon & “shield”, with its ability to deflect bullets, against the onslaught. Despite the enemy bullets coming in hard & fast, they are brightly neon colored so you have a decent chance of being able to evade/deflect them.

UBERMOSH Gameplay1

Ubermosh can be played with both a mouse/kb & controller. It does not feature a graphical setting menus or any other menu for that matter. The game is extremely short considering it doesn’t really have story to tell & consists of nothing more than fighting the horde of enemies for 90 seconds or your death. There was a minor flaw involving the walls, in which having you move next to them it just stops your movement & gets you stuck to them which is an annoyance in such a fast paced game. No leaderboards as well, so you will have to resort to sharing score the old fashioned way.  All in all, despite that minor flaw, it is a decent time waster with a pretty cool soundtrack that will have you head banging along to the beat as you slice & dice your way through the horde.

UBERMOSH Gameplay2



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