Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa’s Rampage review

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa’s Rampage is a cleaning simulator that has you going around and cleaning the aftermath of Santa’s descent into elf murdering madness. How much destruction can a jolly old man cause you may be wondering? Well to put it lightly Santa put quite a bit of his free time into knife throwing lessons and has adorned the walls with bloody elf corpses. Limbs are everywhere, the rooms are smeared with blood and Santa even had to nerve to hide a few bodies as to avoid being charged with 100 murders because anything more than 99 is just barbaric. A nice little detail is that searching Santa’s office will fill you in as to why he went postal and feel a bit sympathetic for the fat man until you realize that you stepped on some blood and created footprints all the way from the hall. It was around this point that I remembered I was a janitor, not a detective so I went on my merry way to get a bucket of water from this rather odd machine built solely to dispense buckets of water. Back into the room I go, I set down the bucket and turn back only to see a new set of footprints have been made on my way over here.

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage footprint

I clean and I clean until my mop starts making more of a bloody mess instead of cleaning any of it and I try to clean my mop in the bucket. As it turns out you have to be at just the right place to dunk it in water but foolish old me just started trying different buttons and ended up smacking the bucket right into Santa’s desk and knocking over his whiskey bottles straight to the floor. So out I go to get another bucket of water and the machine plops out a raw hunk of bloody meat dirtying up the area even more. It is at this point that I slowly nod to myself, go back into Santa’s office and threw a stack of TNT into the fireplace out of spite. I then left the job site and into the night as I started to realize this wasn’t too bright. As you can imagine my boss was more than displeased and this good ole janitor was fired on Christmas Eve. Er, poor Christmas rhymes aside this is one title where you will want to pay attention as the slightest slip up can make the room messy again. As this game also features online coop this will be the perfect title to either work as a team or get them to hate you and your clumsiness.

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage corpse

Cleaning is a very time consuming process in this game. Your mop gets dirty and so does the bucket eventually, making you walk all the way back to get another one. Corpses are your biggest concerns as whenever you pick them up and accidentally bump them into something, blood splatters onto the surface of the area. The elves never run out of blood oddly enough so there is no limit to the amount of mess a single corpse can create. At first I simply stuck them into containers but they quickly all filled to the brim. I eyed the fireplace and as it turns out you are actually supposed to cremate them in there. It’s not just the corpses and blood you must clean. You are supposed to burn everything from corpses, antlers, whiskey bottles and Santa’s guns. If the cheery Christmas melodies start getting on your nerves you can simply toss the jukebox into the fire as well. Even the buckets with the bloody water must be burned. Everything must be burned and the fireplace can be quite some ways from where the mess is so you can stuff them into your giant storage box and carry them back. It would be far easier to simply burn the house down but oh well, that’s the life of an underpaid janitor I suppose.

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage

As you can no doubt tell by now this game is rather morbid and filled with dark humor. You don’t even have to work if you don’t want to, you can just toss elf corpse onto the table like if this was a wrestling game. Toss bottles, paint the room red with your bloody mop and stacking all the bodies near the entrance so however enters has one heck of a surprise are some of the things you can have fun with if you are not a cleaning kind of person. There is no price or anything other than achievements for cleaning so there is no real point for doing so unless you are really dedicated to your role of janitor. Only one map to explore and nothing to unlock so what you see is what you get. If you are taking the game seriously and are actually cleaning it should take you a bit over 2 hours to fully clean it if you are by yourself. It is quite a graphic intensive game due to all the objects that you can manipulate and looks pretty good as well however it is a fairly small map. All in all it is a rather enjoyable cleaning game with enough freedom to be able to easily get some decent entertainment for the price. It’s not a game I find all to enjoyable personally but if you are in the market for a cleaning game based on the great elf massacre that drove Santa into being a dangerous fugitive then this is the game for you!



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