Voxel Shot VR review

Voxel Shot VR is a first-person shooter where you must stand your ground and survive the incoming zombie hordes. Luckily, our character is more than stocked up enough to drive them back, possessing some grenades, pistols, machine guns and RPGs to name some of his arsenal. Upon starting up the game, you are immediately able to choose any of the four missions to play or just go straight into Endless mode to hold off death for as long as possible. Each of the missions possesses something unique to them like defending survivors from a rooftop, shooting out of the back of a military truck or just holding down your barricade.

Voxel Shot VR Truck

Most zombies will go down with a single head-shot and are rather easy to hit due to the voxel art style but in true undead fashion, are still a threat in a group. Depending on the level they can come at you from all sides, and you most constantly be on guard lest they get the drop on you. Getting hit is not the end of the world, you will be able to take five hits before biting the dust. Your biggest threats will not be the shambling undead or even the giant chainsaw wielding zombies but drones and helicopters. Why they are attacking you is unknown though getting rid of them post haste will be a priority or you’ll find yourself showered in a barrage of missiles.

Voxel Shot VR Helicopter

You will always have access to the right tools for the job within hands reach, and weapons do respawn after a short while allowing you to focus on the horde instead of worrying about your ammunition. The only weapons that can be reloaded are the pistol and the sniper rifle via shaking them up and down, other guns you’ll need to toss aside to be able to grab another. It works very naturally, allowing you to easily shoot a zombie at a distance with your sniper, pick up a grenade to destroy a cluster of them, grab a pistol to shoot one that is behind you then pick up your sniper again within seconds. Or you can simply dual wield if you are skilled enough, the choice is yours, and it works well either way.

Voxel Shot VR Sniper

Killing them all is not your priority, simply surviving until the timer runs out is. Just keeping yourself alive will spell victory, though in arcade fashion, you do get points for taking them out and there is an online leaderboard to motivate you to do so. The first two missions are easy enough, but the others will be quite a challenge, and they all feature unique environments. Whether it be an airport, train station or the streets of a city, they all look really nice with the goofy looking voxel zombies adding some charm. The whole experience will only last around 20 to 30 minutes, leaving you with either shooting for a higher place on the leaderboard or Endless mode for replay value.  I had a blast with the over the top action of Voxel Shot VR but the price is a bit much for what is on offer. I’d still recommend getting it, though waiting for a sell would be ideal.





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