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Super Star

Super Star is a stat based Simulation game in where we take a “normal” girl that appeared out of thin air after playing a Hentai game and build her up into stardom. Yes, that girl as it turned out was the lead character of his H game with no more information given about that bizarre premise other than she is set to disappear after three years time, so make use of her while you can. And by make use of her, I mean build up her talents be they acting, singing, charm or sports to get her a part-time job and eventually rise up the pay ladder as she gets more skilled. Unlike most of SakuraGames other titles, this one has very few lewd scenes. You only get one CG at the start and must work for the rest of the images that appear very late into the title. There is a free nude patch available and it offers up frontal nudity, nothing too pornographic.

Super Star Nude

As you may have noticed, so far I have only referred to our protagonist as her or girl. That is because you are the one that will be choosing her name as well as your own. One of the first things you will likely take note of is the bad English translation in where it always seems slightly off, but not to the point of being incomprehensible. Luckily, aside from the intro, there isn’t that much more text to read afterward. Most of your time will be deciding how best to manage your finances to pay some instructors and improve any given talent as well as looking for the work that best suits her to recoup your losses. You can specialize in every area if you wish to make your superstar an amazing singer, actor, and model all at the same time. Do keep in mind it is impossible to see everything through to the end in your first run if you go that route due to the three-year limit that will quickly tick down.

Super Star Jobs

Another thing you can spend your money on aside from training her are a variety of costumes that cost quite a pretty penny but also increase her skills. Be aware that merely owning a dress will add to her overall talents, wearing it is unnecessary to benefit from their effects so choose whichever is the most pleasing to you. This title is clearly centered all around stats which makes it all the more bizarre that they ultimately accumulate to nothing. They don’t matter in the slightest, your chances of success stem from pure RNG. You can get her a role that she is far overqualified for and she is just as likely to mess it up as when she barely has enough stats for that gig. Whatever job you choose for her will result in a ten-stage act in where her chances of screwing it up apply to each of those and messing even one up will ruin her combo bonus, which are essential for anything more than a mediocre performance.

Super Star Combo

Having stats not matter in a game all about min-maxing them is a pretty big blow against this Super Star. It turns it from something in where you need some brainpower to the type of experience you’d boot up on your phone for a few minutes to kill some time. You have no real control over the outcome of the game aside from using the second type of currency known as Gold. Having some gold allows you to bribe some people to ignore a flaw she makes to keep her performance combo going uninterrupted. To receive more of this currency you have to complete special events or do well in an important job. Fixing her constant mistakes gets costly quickly so keeping your eye on the amount you have left is crucial if you do not want to be at the mercy of the wildly erratic RNG. There is little else more disheartening than training her up to be five times over the required amount for a gig and watch her screw things up as soon as she steps onto the stage time after time.

Super Star Gangsta

Seriously, the poor Agent that we play as has gotten a really rotten deal. Not only is she incredibly prone to making errors at anything she tries, but all the money he invests in her will be for naught after three years time. And it is not like she is a likable person either as to make us want to see her succeed. Super Star just doesn’t have much going for it I’m afraid. It is functional though is also incredibly dull due to lacking any depth, story or characters to keep your interest. A single playthrough will take you up to a few hours to complete all three years and you are rated on how well you did. Afterward, you net a certain amount of the third and final currency known as Diamonds which allow you to start a new run with quite a considerable starting bonus, be it in the form of money or simply making time pass by half as fast to complete more throughout.

Super Star Costume

The only reason I’d see someone want to replay it is to unlock all the CGs they didn’t get the first time around or are an achievement hunter. For those that only want to see the rest of the lewd photos, simply scroll through this title’s screenshot tab on Steam. Super Star is a difficult one to recommend on the PC platform it is being sold on, as it is clearly a pickup and play title designed to be played on phones for a few minutes. However, at just under two dollars this may hold some appeal for people that just want to kick back and turn their brains off for a while. It is hardly what I would call an outright bad game, regardless of how uninspired and shallow the gameplay is. You definitely get what you pay for, though even then there are other similarly priced titles far more worthy of your time.






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